Don't settle for cookie cutter content

Hi there, I'm Leanne

I'm a B2B copywriter and product-use specialist focused on customer experience. I help companies translate technical 'walls of text' into messages that move prospects from visitor to repeat customer. I create multi-purpose content designed to attract and keep your best customers coming back again and again.

If you need someone who can get into the weeds using data, customer research, AND product exploration, I'm a good fit for you.

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    Leanne has an enormous breadth in understanding business storytelling, and content strategy. She is a passionate listener aiming to first understanding your needs, and a phenomenal detail oriented person when it comes to evaluating content pieces.
    Julie Stanescu
    Founder, Rethink
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    Leanne is amazing.  She has stretched out constantly in ongoing projects and even assisted me in putting together my first web video.  I couldn't has asked for a better collaborative partner, that knows how to ask the right questions, listen, and then put the pieces into play.
    Lynn Oucharek
    Founder, O Vision Consulting