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Hi there, I’m Leanne

I’m a conversion copywriter and help docs specialist focused on customer experience

So what does that mean? I help companies translate crunchy, engineering-curated ‘walls of text’ into messages that move prospects from visitor, to lead, to paying customer.

Everything in your digital strategy — emails, newsletters, landing pages, even help docs — contributes to some kind of customer experience. It is vital you make it a GREAT one.

Take control of the copy and content journey your customers are on and make every touchpoint matter.

I apply 20+ years of writing for highly technical businesses to understand how your product works and then step into your customer’s shoes to understand how they think.

If you need someone who can get into the weeds using data, customer research, AND product exploration, I’m a good fit for you.


Why copywriters need to know CX

Since I started Mintedleaf more than 15 years ago, I've been in the business of solving customer problems. I've written web copy explaining highly technical products, and instructional content for installing, using, and troubleshooting them. What I didn't know back then, was that all that work fits into a larger bubble called CX, or customer experience. CX, according to Hotjar, is the result of every interaction a customer has with your business: "Everything you do impacts your customers’ … [Read More...] about Why copywriters need to know CX